Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs

  Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs  

 Height at shoulder: 17–22 inches (43–56 cm)

Weight: 25–50 pounds (11–23 cm)

Coat Type: Short and slick

Color: Solid black to red and white to red or blue merle and even brindle patterns

Ears: Upright to hanging

Tail: docked

Hanging Tree Cowdogs are not a true breed, but a composite of several breeds founded by Choc and Gary Ericsson. The cross between an Australian Shepherd, Hangin’ Tree Black Bear and a Border Collie provided the beginning of the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog. Kelpie was added for hardiness and endurance and Catahoula Leopards for tenacity, natural hunting and the ability to trail. The goal was to produce tough, working stockdogs. The offspring became known as Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs named after the Ericcson brand.

Gary Ericcson Hangin Tree brochure 1a

From an old Hangin’ Tree brochure. “This new breed was developed from the Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Catahoula Leopard and Kelpie. These are short-haired dogs red for ease of handling, courage, loyalty and the ability the trail and find cattle.”

In 2009, the Hangin’  Tree Cowdog Association was formed. They now have a closed registry where pups out of registered parents are issued appendix papers. In order for them to earn permanent papers they must be short or slick haired, have a docked tail, and demonstrate they can head and heel cattle.

Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs – Art work by Gary Ericsson

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