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Turn of the 20th Century

L. H. Durant, a large rancher from Los Angeles, California used four different breeds on his ranch and considered each one essential for its particular work including Airedales for tending sheep. He said, “I… Continue reading

Importance of the Merino

After Napoleon’s invasion of Spain in 1808*1, the entire course of the American sheep industry changed with the arrival of the superfine-wooled Merino. The merino wool was considered the most desirable of all… Continue reading

Peace in the Valley

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Cane Toccatore

Cane Toccatore Also known as: Cane Paratore, Italian Wolfdog Origin: Italy Height at shoulder: 19–21.5 inches (50–55 cm) Weight: 33–55 pounds (15–25 kg) Coat: Medium length, varied textures Color: Gray, brown, black or… Continue reading

Collies, McNabs and Old Shep

After the Civil War, sheep raising continued to expand west. The type of sheep raised in the United States underwent development through importations of European breeds. Prosperous Americans imported British livestock and Collies.… Continue reading

Herding Dogs and the Westward Sheep Movement

During the California Gold Rush Spanish sheep were trailed out of the New Mexico territories by the thousands to meet the huge demand for meat in the mining camps. Others were imported on… Continue reading

A Way of Life

Stockdogs have been a way of life since childhood. Most of my memories involve dogs, one way or another. Dogs are how I met my husband. He came to buy an Australian Shepherd and… Continue reading

Last Year’s Pups by Ernie Hartnagle

  Last year’s pups are working now Getting static from mother cow. And some others earn their keep Movin baby lambs and sheep. Copyright © 2011 by Ernie Hartnagle. All Rights Reserved. http://www.lasrocosa.com/education.html

Working Wild Bison: The Ultimate Challenge

Bison management problems had developed during the late 1970’s and 80’s in various national parks throughout the western United States. Part of the problem was tourist liability. Tourists don’t think of this huge,… Continue reading

Cowology – An Excerpt

“Working cattle effectively requires an understanding of bovine behavior*1.  Fifty years ago, the men and women who worked with stock still lived on the land. They were for the most part themselves a… Continue reading

International Sheep Dog News, March/April 2011

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Borderlines, February/March 2011

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A Natural Training System

Whether working with horses or stockdogs, pressure-and-release (also known as a conditioned response) is a training system – a natural method of teaching where the animal is taught to yield or move away from… Continue reading

Stockdog Training

A well-trained stockdog is among the most disciplined of all working dogs. An Australian Cattle Dog driving steers acrossthe wide-open plains, a Kelpie jumping over the backs of tightly packed sheep in a… Continue reading