Stockdog Savvy Workbook: A Compendium

Stockdog Savvy Workbook dark green front cover

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Editorial Reviews:

“I see this publication as an excellent tool for clinics. One could work through the Q and A’s and have a useful discussion of the information the client is discovering. I also see it as a valuable resource for ongoing individual lessons.”

          – Bill Pickel, a USBCHA judge, successful competitor, trainer and clinician spanning nearly 40 years of experience

“This is a book that will help you to think about and analyze your dog’s natural instinct, trainability, and temperament. There are pictures of body stances and tail positions to help you recognize what your dog is feeling; attitudes that you need to recognize during all stages of training. You are asked to examine and acknowledge training issues that may be yours’ not your dog’s.

This workbook gives you plenty of space to record training plans and your progress. It moves you along addressing each stage of training always allowing room for planned lessons, your obviations, and the results.

When I think about this book I see a great advantage in a written record that can be used in breeding programs. This workbook will have records of training, including outstand attributes an individual dog may have and working skills that need to be enhanced, either by training or for consideration when breeding. This information is valuable and important to each kennel wishing to breed a well-rounded working dog.

We know learning never ends there is always something for us to learn. I am starting a new little girl; this book will be one of my new training tools. Thank you, Jeanne Joy for giving us an informative book that challenges us to look carefully at our dogs and our training, Stockdog Savvy Workbook: a Compendium”.

          – Elsie Rhodes, a successful competitor, ASCA, AHBA and AKC judge, trainer and clinician with over 40 years experience.

From the Author

In a nutshell it’s a practical one-of-a-kind workbook that offers an interactive and entertaining learning experience.

From the Back Cover

“This is an ideal stockdog Question and Answer workbook which you can read alone, or in conjunction with Jeanne Joy’s stock management book (of same title) and clinics.

Each interactive chapter guides you as dog trainer to think about goals and methods to build toward them.

Jeanne’s expertise was gained on ranches and in the field. Her knowledge/advice allowed me to transition my dog from recreational sheep herding, quickly getting her up-to-speed for commercial cattle management. Her techniques retain dogs’ innate confidence / push.

You will not only learn fundamental stockdog training techniques, but low-stress stockmanship, along with knowledge of wide variety of animals. This practical how-to manual is a main-stay on my bookshelf.”

          – Thomas Cooney, a stockman, dog handler and herding dog writer.

The Foreward

Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor has done a wonderful job of bringing together a workbook that can serve as a companion to her own Stockdog Savvy or any number of other training texts, programs, and clinicians. What’s more is this workbook can stand on its own as a training manual. Jeanne Joy brings a unique background to her writing that would be impossible to replicate. She has worked stock as small and helpless as ducks and as formidable as wild bison on the open range. Ms. Hartnagle-Taylor has worked dogs on small farms and expansive ranches. Her stockmanship includes working livestock in the frigid north and in sweltering southern heat. Jeanne has worked livestock in many countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you are new to the world of herding Stockdog Savvy Workbook will be a reference book that will get you started off on the right foot. You will find it full of challenging questions and insightful answers. If you are already accomplished, Jeanne Joy’s book will help you standardize your training practice and principles. For all readers you will be challenged to check your knowledge, reflect on your progress, and remind yourself of what you should be doing. When Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor defines a herding term, she includes its multiple meanings and provides an illustration that leaves no questions as to the context and definition of that term. This workbook is the kind of book that you can read in or out of sequence. The author doesn’t bog the reader down with endless discussion and nuance. She makes her point and does so with clarity and brevity.

Ms. Hartnagle-Taylor comes from generations of farm and ranch people. She has competed with, and judged working dogs of many breeds and in many programs. Jeanne did not come into the world of herding dogs from the perspective of sporting competition, but from the perspective of people who work with livestock in a “real world” environment. Real life with herding dogs and the school of hard knocks in the livestock world forged Jeanne Joy’s knowledge and ability. When Jeanne first went into competition, training books and trainers were very hard to find. She was a trail blazer and she did very well. For these reasons she speaks a universal language of herding dogs and shares that with her readers. Ms. Hartnagle-Taylor also knows how hard it is to find some of the hard answers in training herding dogs. Stockdog Savvy Workbook is the workbook where Jeanne Joy shares her knowledge and experience. This workbook belongs on the shelf of any serious stockdog trainer. I wholeheartedly recommend Stockdog Savvy Workbook.

          – Michael J. Ryan, a multi generational stockman who has competed successfully in ASCA, AKC and USBCHA trials. His heart has always been with, and will remain with, the real working stock dogs.

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