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Breeds From a Common Root

What do Carea Leonés: Old German Shepherds: Pyrenean Sheepdogs: Australian Shepherds: and Welsh Sheepdogs: have in common? To find out please visit: http://allaboutaussiesblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/breeds-from-a-common-root/ Point of Interest: Ramboluillet sheep are the cornerstone of the Western… Continue reading

Welsh Sheepdog

Welsh Sheepdog Origin: Wales Also known as: Cwn Defaid Cymreig Height at shoulder: 16–23 inches (41–58 cm) Weight: 21–70 pounds (9.5–32 kg) Coat: Short and smooth to medium length Color: Black, black and… Continue reading

Droving in the British Isles

Scotland and England were once the center of a great cattle industry. When traveling from the Highlands and islands, drovers often swam their herds across rivers and over sea lochs (lakes) or moved… Continue reading