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Herding Dogs in Colonial America

As elsewhere in the world, the introduction of herding dogs in America is closely connected to the growth of the sheep industry. The first sheep (Churras, a meat- and milk-producing breed) came to the… Continue reading

Breeds From a Common Root

What do Carea Leonés: Old German Shepherds: Pyrenean Sheepdogs: Australian Shepherds: and Welsh Sheepdogs: have in common? To find out please visit: http://allaboutaussiesblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/breeds-from-a-common-root/ Point of Interest: Ramboluillet sheep are the cornerstone of the Western… Continue reading

Carea Leonés

Also known as: Perro de Pastor (Carea), El Pastor Leonés, Carea de Tierra de Campos, El Perro Leonés de Pastor, Origin: Spain Height at shoulder: 17–23 inches (44–58 cm) ‘ Weight: 30–70 pounds… Continue reading