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The 1967 Open Sheepdog Trials and CowHogDog Exhibition Please see Lewis Pence: Also see Curs and Catahoula Leopards, the CowHogDogs: Advertisements

Sheepdogs of the American Southwest during the 1800s

The New Mexican Sheepdog or Pastor Dog Sheepdogs on the wide open ranges in the Southwestern United States were common a century or more ago. Without his services, the shepherds would have been hard… Continue reading

El Pastor Leonés – The Shepherd Dog of Leon

by José Luis Prieto Morán – The Léones Shepherd Dog, or as it is popularly known, the “Carea Leonés,” is a herding dog native to the Old Kingdom of Léon, in northwestern… Continue reading

Flocks of the Mesta

Daily Life in Spain in the Golden Age by Marcelin Defourneaux At the beginning of the seventeenth century the flocks of the Mesta comprised about two million sheep. Each spring, the sheep left… Continue reading

Herding Dogs of the World

Herding Dogs of the World is not a manual covering care and training, rather, it is a richly illustrated collection of 107 well-known and rare herding breeds from around the world and brings… Continue reading

Importance of the Merino

After Napoleon’s invasion of Spain in 1808*1, the entire course of the American sheep industry changed with the arrival of the superfine-wooled Merino. The merino wool was considered the most desirable of all… Continue reading

Peace in the Valley

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A Way of Life

Stockdogs have been a way of life since childhood. Most of my memories involve dogs, one way or another. Dogs are how I met my husband. He came to buy an Australian Shepherd and… Continue reading

Las Rocosa – Photos by Ben Rasmussen for 5280

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Working Wild Bison: The Ultimate Challenge

Bison management problems had developed during the late 1970’s and 80’s in various national parks throughout the western United States. Part of the problem was tourist liability. Tourists don’t think of this huge,… Continue reading

Cowology – An Excerpt

“Working cattle effectively requires an understanding of bovine behavior*1.  Fifty years ago, the men and women who worked with stock still lived on the land. They were for the most part themselves a… Continue reading

Dogs in Canada, March 2011

Comprehensive and fascinating – “Everything you ever wanted to know about training, working or trialing a stock dog of any breed” says the jacket, but even if you live in the city and… Continue reading

The Annual Wool Harvest

Wool is waterproof and durable. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The annual wool harvest also known as sheep shearing is one aspect of wool production. Shearing usually takes place between April… Continue reading

International Sheep Dog News, March/April 2011

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