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Droving in the British Isles

Scotland and England were once the center of a great cattle industry. When traveling from the Highlands and islands, drovers often swam their herds across rivers and over sea lochs (lakes) or moved… Continue reading

Corgi (Cardigan and Pembroke)

Corgi (Cardigan and Pembroke) Also known as: Welsh Corgi Origin: Wales Breed description: See individual descriptions Coat: Medium short, straight, close fitting, slightly harsh but not wiry Cardigan Corgi Height at shoulder: 10–12… Continue reading

Herding Dogs in the British Isles

It is generally believed that the development of British herding dogs is tied closely to the historical migration of the group of Indo-European tribes referred to collectively as the Celts—who, according to DNA… Continue reading

Grooming by Coat Type

Bouvier, Giant Schnauzer, Picardy ShepherdDense, hard, wiry, weatherproof Body coat kept short with longer leg and beard; coat must be plucked or hand-strippedCurly or Corded: Bergamasco, Puli, Pumi, Spanish Water DogLong, clumping cords;… Continue reading