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The Blue Lacy

Blue Lacy Also known as: Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy, Origin: United States – Texas Height at shoulder: 18–25 inches (46–64 cm) Weight: 25–50 pounds (11–23 kg)  Coat: Short, tight and smooth Color: Slate blue,… Continue reading

Curs and Catahoula Leopards, the Cow-Hog Dogs

There are a number of Curs such as the Black Mouth Cur, the Florida Cur, Catahoula Leopard Cur (the sometimes merle patterned cur) and the Yellow Black Mouth Cur. For the most part they are… Continue reading

Herding Dogs in the British Isles

It is generally believed that the development of British herding dogs is tied closely to the historical migration of the group of Indo-European tribes referred to collectively as the Celts—who, according to DNA… Continue reading