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The 1967 Open Sheepdog Trials and CowHogDog Exhibition Please see Lewis Pence: Also see Curs and Catahoula Leopards, the CowHogDogs: Advertisements

Driving, Sorting and Penning

A few scenes from The Canine Classroom – Herding III.  This DVD covers driving, sorting and penning stock – skills needed in actual working situations. All are covered on this tape. Topics include: •… Continue reading

Starting the Young Dog

A few scenes from The Canine Classroom – Herding II. This title deals with the introduction of young dogs to the skills they will need to be successful. Topics include: • Preparing the… Continue reading

Herding Overview

A few scenes from The Canine Classroom – Herding I.  This DVD is an introduction herding. Topics include: • Selecting a Breed • Evaluating the Puppy • Introducing Stock • Teaching Stockdog/Herding Commands through… Continue reading

The Australian Shepherd, Border Collie and English Shepherd In a Nutshell

People often ask, What is the difference between The original English Shepherd, Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie? In a nutshell, The English Shepherd is a classic American farm dog—demonstrating good judgment and known… Continue reading

Sheep-Herding Machine

            See also:     To learn more about herding dogs and stockdog training please refer to the book, Stockdog Savvy  by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor and Ty Taylor is a practical and useful handbook for ranchers as well… Continue reading

Lewis Ellsworth Pence

While growing up – it was not unusual to see someone send an Australian Shepherd ½ mile away or more to gather a group of animals from a pasture and bring them into the… Continue reading


The Border Collie pictured above is Reanna, a great working ranch dog. She taught me to step back (instead of toward her) to widen her outrun. Her sire was Fleetwood, one of our working ranch dogs and her dam… Continue reading

Viv Billingham Parks—A Lifelong Passion

Sometimes the best man for the job may be a woman. From the age of four, Viv Billingham Parks couldn’t wait to grow up and become a shepherdess. When she was a small… Continue reading

Droving in the British Isles

Scotland and England were once the center of a great cattle industry. When traveling from the Highlands and islands, drovers often swam their herds across rivers and over sea lochs (lakes) or moved… Continue reading

Border Collie

Border Collie Also known as: BC, sheepdog Origin: British Isles Height at shoulder: 18–22 inches (46–56 cm) Weight: 30–50 pounds (14–23 kg) Coat: Short and tight fitting to medium and silky Color: All… Continue reading

Herding Dogs in the British Isles

It is generally believed that the development of British herding dogs is tied closely to the historical migration of the group of Indo-European tribes referred to collectively as the Celts—who, according to DNA… Continue reading