Breeds From a Common Root

What do Carea Leonés:

Carea Leones

Old German Shepherds:

Altdeutsche Schäferhund - Photo by Cornelia Kruse /

Pyrenean Sheepdogs:

Saphir Bleu de Loubajac, a blue Smooth Face (Face Rase) Pyrenean Shepherd.

Australian Shepherds:

las rocosa rowdy cropped narrow and a hair short for book_edited-2

and Welsh Sheepdogs:

This beautiful 18 year old Welsh Sheepdog - Courtesy Mair Jones Reese

have in common?

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Point of Interest: Ramboluillet sheep are the cornerstone of the Western Range in the United States. The Rambouillet is a product of the Spanish Merino imported from Spain to Rambouillet France. The Germans in Saxony bred Merinos imported from Spain to develop the Saxony Merino. Saxony Merinos and Rambouillet sheep were exported to Australia. Australian Sheep were later imported into the United States along with dogs.

To learn more about different herding breeds from around the world, their temperaments, working styles and how to train them please refer to the book Stockdog Savvy (Alpine Publications) by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor and Ty Taylor:

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