Hairy Mouth Heeler

Barbed Wire Abe, a Wire Mouth Heeler retrieving a shovel for his owner. Courtesy Jason Jenkins, Rural Missouri

Hairy Mouth Heeler

Known also as: Wire Mouth Heeler, Wire Haired Heeler, Wirey Haired Heeler, Hairy Mouthed Heeler

Origin: Midwestern United States

Height at shoulder: 20–23 inches (44–58 cm)

Weight: 55–70 pounds (25–32 kg)

Coat: Hard, wiry and stiff

Color: Shades of tan or yellow with black

Ears: Small, folded over or to the side

Tail: Long and fluffy

Photo courtesy Jason Jenkins, Rural Missouri

Abe, an all-around farm dog (pictured above) performs various chores including picking up objects, moving dairy goats, lambs and chickens, breaking up bull fights demonstrating how dogs can be trained as useful assistants for disabled farmers in programs such as the PHARM Dog program, a Missouri AgrAbility Project.

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