Dutch Shepherd Dog

A rough haired Dutch Shepherd – Courtesy hollandseherder.nl

Dutch Shepherd Dog

Also known as: Berger Hollandais, Hollander herders or Dutchie Kortharige (shorthaired), Langharige (longhaired), or Ruwharige (rough coated)

Place of Origin: Netherlands

Height at shoulder: 21–27 inches (53–69 cm).

Weight: 65–67 pounds (29–30 kg).

Coat Type: Short, long (flat, straight), and rough or wire-haired (harsh, tousled outer coat)

Color: Shades of brindle, grey, yellow, gold, silver, red or blue

Ears: Upright, pointed tips

Tail: Long and thick

Emma, a Dutch Shepherd patrolling the border of a field to keep cows from trampling the crops on the way to the dairy barn. Courtesy hollandseherder.nl

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