Texas Heeler

Navajo Blanket, Corrales – by Joyce Fay, joycefay.com

Texas Heeler

Place of Origin: United States – Southwest

Height at shoulder: 17 to 22 inches (44 – 56 cm).

Weight: 21 to 55 pounds (9.5 – 25 kg).

Coat Type: Short smooth to medium length

Color: Varies

Ears: Semi-erect, pointed upright

Tail: Long, natural bobtail or docked

“Let’s Go” – Typical of the type of dogs known as Texas Heelers – Photo by Joyce Fay

Texas Heelers are not a true breed, but a cross between an Australian Cattle Dog and Australian Shepherd.


December Sunset, Monument Valley, Utah – Photo by Joyce Fay, joycefay.com/

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