(Appenzeller, Bernese Mountain Dog, Entlebucher, and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)

Also known as: Swiss Mountain Dogs, Swiss Mountain Cattle Dogs

Origin: Switzerland

Breed description: See individual descriptions

Color: Jet black with bright reddish brown and white markings


Also known as: Appenzeller Cattle Dog or Appenzell Mountain Dog

Height at shoulder: 18–24 inches (46–61 cm)

Weight: 50–70 pounds (23–32 kg)

Coat: Short, smooth, thick, and glossy

Ears: Small to medium size; folded over, triangular

Tail: Long

Bernese Mountain Dog

Also known as: Berner

Height at shoulder: 23–27.5 inches (58.42–69.85 cm)

Weight: 87–90 pounds (39–41 kg)

Coat: Thick, moderately long, and straight or slightly wavy, with a bright natural sheen

Ears: Dropped; small to medium size

Tail: Long


Also known as: Entlebucher Cattle Dog, Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Height at shoulder: 17–20 inches (43–51 cm)

Weight: 47–66 pounds (21–30 kg)

Coat: Thick coat is short, hard, and glossy

Ears: Dropped, medium size, triangular shaped, rounded at tip

Tail: Natural bob

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Also known as: Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund

Height at shoulder: 21.5–28.5 inches (55–72 cm)

Weight: 130–135 pounds (59–61 kg)

Coat: Dense, stiff, short

Ears: Medium size, triangular shaped, dropped, hanging close to head

Tail: Long

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