Patagonian Sheepdogs

Ovejero – Courtesy John Esquiltuna, Los Gauchos Chilenos

Patagonian Sheepdog

 Also known as: Barbucho, Barbucho Patagonico or Perro ovejero Barbucho 

 Origin: Argentina and Chile

Height at shoulder: 16–24 inches (41–61 cm)

Weight: 21–90 pounds (9.5–41 kg)

 Coat: Medium length, varied texture

Color: Solid or merle, black or brown with or without tan points, sable or dilutes of black/red, including fawn, deep brown, and blue

Ears: semi-erect, upright

Tail: Long

Patagonian shepherd with his dogs

El Perro Ovejero Magallánico – Courtesy Werner F. Kirschbaum

Trivia: The first Merino sheep were imported to Patagonia in 1926. All the sheep died that winter due to chilly temperatures in the sub-Antarctic climate. The problem was resolved by crossing Corredale ewes from North York Moors in England able to handle the colder temperatures to Merino rams that were stabled in the winter weather.

Patagonian Sheepdog

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