Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dogs – Photo Courtesy Anna Narewska

Spanish Water Dog

Known also as: Perro de Agua Español, Turco de Andaluz, Andalucian Turk

Origin: Spain

Height at shoulder: 15–20 inches (38–51 cm)

Weight: 26–49 pounds (12–22 kg)

Coat: Woolly textured, tightly curled, may form cords

Color: White with any shade of black or chestnut, or parti-color (black, white, and chestnut)

Ears: Dropped, hanging; triangular, set high on side of head, rounded at tip

Tail: Natural bobtail or docked

Brasenia Concurrido Chasin Ewe – Courtesy Marnie Harrison

A Spanish Water Dog tending goats in the rocky terrain of Andalusia –

Tending the flock – Courtesy

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