Pyrenean Shepherd

 Pyrenean Shepherd

Mab du Hic, a well-known Pyrenean Shepherd bred by M. Perrot. Courtesy Christian Janes

Mab du Hic, a well-known Pyrenean Shepherd bred by M. Perrot in 1976. Courtesy Christian Janes

(Smooth Faced and Rough Faced)

Also known as: Pyr Shep, Berger des  Pyrénées, Petite Berger, Pyrenees Sheepdog

Origin: France

Color: Typically fawn; also black, blue merle, brindle and gray

Ears: Small, semi-erect or folded over and to the side, or cropped upright

Tail: Long, natural bob or docked

Coat: Two varieties — rough faced (museau normal) and smooth faced (face race)

Chaparral’s Niveole, rough faced Pyrenean Shepherd herding a trio of Suffolk sheep. Photo Courtesy Susan Buttivant

Rough Faced (Museau Normal)

Coat: Medium, goatlike to long shaggy but doesn’t cover eyes or create a beard

Height at shoulder: 15–18.5 in (38–47 cm)

Weight: 15–30 lb (7–14 kg)

U’Lys Bleu de la Rosselle, a French Champion – Courtesy J. M. von Kaenel

Smooth Faced (Face Race)

 Coat: Medium length, slightly wavy, short on face

Height at shoulder: 15.5–21 inches (39–53 cm)

Weight: 20–35 pounds (9–16 kg)

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