Perro de Pastor Vasco (Gorbekoa and Iletsua)

The Gorbekoa, a variety of the Pastor Vasco – Photo Courtesy Anna Narewska

Perro de Pastor Vasco

(Gorbekoa and Iletsua)

Also known as: Euskal Artzain Txacurra, Basque Shepherd, Perro de Pastor Vasco

Origin: Spain


 Also known as: de Gorbea

Height at shoulder: 18–24 inches (46–61 cm)

Weight: 37–79 pounds (17–36 kg)

Coat: Moderate length, silky textured

Color: Copper with black overlay on muzzle

Ears: Medium sized, folded over, triangular with slight lift

Tail: Medium length



Also known as: Peluda

Height at shoulder: 18–25 inches (46–63 cm)

Weight: 37–73 pounds (17–33 kg)

Coat: Medium length, broken or rough; longer over body, shorter on head, never covers eyes, short hair on chin

Color: Shades of sable or fawn (sandy, blond, cinnamon with black pigmentation)

Ears: Break about a third above base, sometimes tilt backward

Tail: Long, medium set, low

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