Faroe Islands Sheepdog

Faroes Sheepdog

The Faroe Islands also known as the “Sheep Islands” are an island group situated in the Atlantic Ocean northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway. The Faeroes were discovered by Celtic monks from Ireland and later colonized by Viking settlers with dairy farming and sheep herding.

Faroes Stamp depicting discovery of the “Sheep Islands” by Irish monks

Sheep indigenous to the islands are of an ancient origin, and trace to the wild sheep that existed on the islands over a 1000 years ago. The exact origin of the Faroes sheepdog is not well known, but is rooted in Norse, Icelandic and the Scottish sheepdogs from the Shetland Islands.

Sheep on Foroe Islands – Photo by Erik Christiansen, Courtesy FaroeIslands.com

Faroe Islands Sheepdog

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