Catalonian Sheepdog

A Catalonian puppy’s first encounter with chickens. Courtesy Laura Hahn

Catalonian Sheepdog

Also known as: Catalan Sheepdog, Catalonian Shepherd, Gos d’Atura or Perro de Pastor Catalan, Catalan Pyrenean Dog

Origin: Spain

 Height at shoulder: 18–22 inches (46–56 cm)

 Weight: 40–60 pounds (18–27 kg)

 Coat: Long and flat or slightly wavy; or, rarely, a shorter-haired version

 Color: The color is a mixture of hair of different tones (not spotted), varying from shades of fawn, sable, or gray to almost black; when mixed with shades of brown can give the appearance of being black and tan, with or without white hair on chest or toes

 Ears: Cropped upright or folded over, triangular shape, set high on head hanging close to head

Tail: Low set, long to natural bob or tailless

Catalonian Sheepdog

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