Border Collie

Tweedhope Sheepdogs in the Mist – Courtesy Viv Billingham

Border Collie

Also known as: BC, sheepdog

Origin: British Isles

Height at shoulder: 18–22 inches (46–56 cm)

Weight: 30–50 pounds (14–23 kg)

Coat: Short and tight fitting to medium and silky

Color: All colors and patterns, solid, merle, ticked or brindle, with or without white markings

Ears: Semi-erect or upright with pointed tips

Tail: Long, feathered, held low

A pair of Tweedhope sheepdogs with power and presence working a set of twin lambs on the banks of St. Mary’s Loch in the Scottish Borders – Courtesy Viv Billingham

Tweedhope sheepdogs – Courtesy Viv Billingham

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