German Shepherd Dog

Alf von Fafnerhaus also known as “Nicky” painted by Linda Shaw,

German Shepherd Dog

Also known as: Alsatian, GSD, German Shepherd, Deutsche Schaferhund

Origin: Germany

Height at shoulder: 22–26 inches (56–66 cm)

Weight: 60–140 pounds (27–63.5 kg)

Coat: Dense, close-fitting (straight to slightly wavy) or long

Color: Black and tan, solid black, variations of sable or gray

Ears: Large, moderately pointed; carried upright

Tail: Long, low set; curves up slightly

Nicky, a GSD from herding bloodlines establishing a perimeter on an open grassy meadow to keep lambs contained with the rest of the flock. Courtesy Ellen Nickelsberg

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